Legacy Counseling And Workforce Connections 

 (LCWC) is a Charitable Non-Profit Organization. We 

 currently provide Educational, Medical, and 

 Therapeutic services for individuals who have 

 encountered Substance abuse, Physical, and Mental 

 Health-related issues. 

 From Youth to Adults, LCWC also engages with a 

 variety of clientele, extending from Individuals who 

 have ADD/ADHD to Individuals suffering from Drug 

 and Alcohol Addiction

Through Consultation and Therapy, LCWC can assist 

 with the stabilization of Mental Health and create a 

 support system utilizing community resources. 

 LCWC works closely within the community to assist 

 Individuals who experience difficulties locating   and receiving services. Unless the court mandates, we 

 have an open-door policy. LCWC is also an 


 as well as, providing assistance with court-related 


 LCWC has a zero-tolerance for discrimination, 

 everyone is welcomed at our office. 

 Bilingual Services offered upon request. 

 Our Mission 

 We are dedicated to 

 empowering our 

 clients through 

 Education, Advocacy, 

 and Treatment. By 

 promoting healthy 

 functions of 

 individuals and 

 families, our clients 

 are able to recollect 

 on their Treatment 

 Plans and implement 

 what they have 




 Outstanding Pillars 

 in our Community is 

 the goal. We are 

 committed to 

 providing Culturally 


 Affordable, and 


 appropriate Mental 

 Health Care in a 

 compassionate and 



 Legacy Counseling 

 and Workforce 

 Connections is a 



 Service Organization. 



 We invite you to 

 explore our website 

 and take advantage 

 of the information 


 Our Team 

 Kraig Stephens 
 Chief Executive Officer 
 Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
 Chris Doss 
 Clinical Director 
 Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
 Erick Burciaga 
 Chief Operating Officer 
 Chief Marketer
 Aaron Burciaga 
 Executive Director 
 Alexander M. Ennis 
 Chief Financial Officer 
 Alejandra Villalobos 
 Case Manager 
 Saul Mejia Ramos 
 Public Relations