Legacy Counseling and Workforce Connections is Licensed and Bonded. Our goal is to assist individuals with your Emotional, Mental, and Physical needs.


  • Blood Pressure Checks

  • General Check-ups

  • Medical Screening

  • Workers Comp & Disability Assessment​

  • Psychiatry​

  • Substance  Abuse

Occupational Assistance

  • Job Placement

  • Medication Management

  • Resume Preparation

  • Work Search

  • Attention & Concentration Assistance

  • Case Management

  • Education & Career Counseling

  • Employment, Disability, and Rehabilitation Services

Therapy Services​


  • Adult, Youth, and Children's Counseling

  • Addictions, Anxiety, & Depression Sessions

  • Biofeedback

  • Family Therapy

  • Individual & Group Therapy


  • Basic Skills Training

  • Impulse Control

  • Substance Abuse

Community Service Opportunities

Legacy Counseling and Workforce Connections is an approved site for community service. The Clinical Director manages the logs, times, and dates of any individual completing community service.

Articles & Resources